ICB Business Management Courses

Always wanted to study business management but never got the opportunity? You have the chance to study while working with Home Study College. If you can see yourself in a high-level position in the business world and managing people in a corporate environment, then you should definitely enrol for our ICB business management courses.


The Institute of Chartered Bookkeepers (ICB)


So who are The ICB exactly? The Institute of Chartered Bookkeepers or ICB has been providing South Africans with quality courses in areas such as bookkeeping, entrepreneurship, accounting and business management since 1931.icb business management courses

The ICB is a QAP or Quality Assurance Partner for the QCTO or Quality Council for Trades and Occupations. Students are examined by the ICB and can do any of the ICB’s courses through the Home Study College. FASSET is responsible for issuing students certificates and diploma’s to students.

Qualifications from the ICB are accredited on the NQF by SAQA or the South African Qualifications Authority. The ICB is also recognised by numerous professional bodies in the bookkeeping, accounting and business sectors. If you decide to decide to study with us at Home Study College, you will get the much-needed head start in your career. After you graduate you are eligible to apply for membership from various professional bodies.


Just what is Business Management?


In today’s competitive global market, businesses can’t afford to lose money over a lack of organisation in their companies. Therefore good business management is key if a company wants to generate income. Business managers are responsible for running the company smoothly and some duties include: supervising staff and tasks, organising and setting up different tasks.Business people shaking hands

Business management also made up of various areas of studies like information technology, financial markets, policy and research methods in business, customer service, finance and more. Having knowledge of all these areas can prove to be of great benefit to you and the company employing you. It will allow you to run a work environment more effectively and satisfy for your employers and staff.

Managers in large or small businesses always seek to align their staff to the goals of the company. Thus having a broad knowledge of all these different areas will allow you to manage your business better. If good management is applied in HR, administration and finance, a business will naturally thrive.

By studying ICB business management at Home Study College you will be taught valuable skills such as managing finances, employees as well as dealings with the company. You will also be taught human resources management, business and labour law as well as research and analysis of financial markets. Some other skills you will learn are:

  • Supervising staff- members
  • Procedures to follow when training and hiring new employees
  • How to assess staff
  • Setting goals in line with the company’s objectives and values
  • Ways in which to create a positive work environment and relations among staff- members
  • Motivating staff to perform their best by implementing rewards and positive reinforcement
  • Ways to think and approach problems more creatively and critically

Learn more about the ICB Business Management programme in depth here: Business Management Programme Overview

What is Home Study College?


Home Study College allows students to study from home while working full-time. We offer students, who want to further their studies and advance their careers but can’t afford to leave their work, the opportunity to do so. Students don’t have to make the hard decision of choosing to provide for themselves and bettering their lives. We at Home Study College believe everyone has the right to study.ICB business management courses

There are many tertiary institutions that would ask you to pay your full fees up front. However, we realise that given our tough economic circumstances and rife inequality many students may not have that much money on their hands. At Home Study College our fees are affordable and we require that you pay tuition on a monthly basis.

To make studying a more pleasant experience for you, we have implemented online study groups in various courses. On these groups, you can interact with lecturers as well as other students studying the same course as you. By communicating with your fellow students who have to do the same work and may encounter the same problems as you, you won’t feel alone. Plus, other students and lecturers can create a valuable support network for you to fall back on if you ever feel unmotivated to study.

Even if you were blacklisted in the past, Home Study College won’t do any credit checks on you. We understand that you want to better your life and won’t stand in the way of you doing so. Just because you got into financial trouble in the past, we won’t assume you will do the same again. If you are committed to your studies and to your future we will support you all along the way.

Read more about us and the quality courses we offer here: About Us

ICB Business Management courses that are accredited


ICB business management courses are accredited by the QAP or Quality Assurance Partner for the QCTO or Quality Council for Trades and Occupations. FASSET is responsible for issuing students certificates and diplomas to students.

To make sure colleges act in accordance with ICB standards. Tertiary institutions such as the Home Study College, the ICB sends inspectors to check if the college offers the correct learning materials to students, if lecturers and academic staff are qualified and if proper policies are implemented in the college structures. They inspect all these things and more to make sure, you as the student get the best education you deserve and value for your money.


ICB Business Management courses at Home Study College


Home Study College offers ICB business management courses that are fully accredited. The majority of the courses only require a grade 11 of you. So, if you don’t have a matric, there is no need to panic if you don’t have one. You can still study with us.Coloured lady, books, thoughtful, studying

With the ICB business management courses consist out of 3 levels and 3 separate qualifications. It is not like a university where you only receive a qualification after studying 3 or 4 years. In the foundation level, you study towards a national certificate in small business management and have to complete 3 subjects.

In order to move on to the intermediate level, you study towards a higher certificate in office administration and need to pass 5 subjects. In the advanced level, you need to pass 4 subjects in order to have a national diploma in Financial Accounting.


How ICB Business Management Courses are structured


Three levels make up the ICB business management courses of which include foundation, intermediate and advanced. Home Study College believe in your potential to succeed in your studies and your career thus we will help you every step of the way to do so.


ICB Business Management Foundation Level: National Certificate: Small Business Financial Management


Studying this course can give you a great headstart in your career as a business manager. A qualification in small business financial management you can get work as an assistant manager, small business financial management, salesperson or in marketing. You only need to have a grade 11 to be admitted into the program.


Course National Certificate: Small Business Financial Management
Award type National Certificate
NQF level Level 4
Accredited by QCTO
Duration 9 months
Entrance requirements Grade 11 OR an NQF level 3 qualification

ICB Business Management Intermediate Level: Higher Certificate: Office Administration


Good office administration is important if you want any business to run smoothly. By studying for a Higher Certificate in Office Administration, you gain the necessary skills to come a sought after business manager. For those who obtain this qualification, career opportunities in HR, office management, department supervisor or senior office administrator can be expected.


Course Higher Certificate: Office Administration
Award type National higher certificate
NQF level Level 5
Accredited by QCTO
Duration +15 months
Entrance requirements Grade 12 or complete the ICB Certified Junior Office Administrator module

ICB Business Management Advanced Level: National Diploma: Financial Accounting


Financial accountants are responsible for compiling financial reports and statements and signing them off. Careers opportunities with this qualification include sales manager, business manager, financial accountant and business advisor.


Course: National Diploma: Financial Accounting
Award type National Diploma
NQF level Level 6
Accredited by QCTO
Duration +12 months
Entrance requirements Grade 12 OR the ICB higher Certificate: Office Administration (must include the Business Management 2 subject).

Interested in a business management career?


Always wanted a career as a business manager, but never got the opportunity to further your studies? You can work while you study with Home Study College. We believe in students like you who have the potential to thrive in their career journey. We at Home Study College want you to finish as quickly as possible, so if you manage to finish your course before the set out time, you don’t have to pay for the remaining months. You could end up paying half the price if you study faster.Group of businesspeople having a meeting.

At Home Study College we always have our lecturers nearby to help you with any of your queries with regard to your coursework. We realise your time is important to you therefore we have your study material couriered to you so you can start studying straight away.

Our fees are affordable and can be paid in installments on a monthly basis. Our tuition fees are not exorbitant at all and very reasonable. While you are studying and working you can pay the fees.

Home Study College won’t look into your past credit records. If you may have had bad credit in the past, we won’t stop you from studying with us. If you have financial trouble during your studies you can ask us to pause your studies till you have sorted your finances out. We truly want you to succeed. Your success in our success. We will help and guide you every step of the way.

Get your career started!


Start studying ICB Business Management courses through Home Study College today. Learn more about the ICB Business Management proram on their site: ICB Business Management. You will be sure to get a job in various sectors of our economy as your skills would be in high demand. The knowledge and skills you will learn will prove to be priceless and a worthy investment.


Last Updated: June 26 2017


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