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ICB Assessment and Exams

Your ICB course will have assessments you must do throughout your course as well as ICB exams, that occur at certain dates, and that you need to register for. Skills Academy is focused on making sure you get everything you need to receive your ICB qualification.

The Portfolio of Evidence

Once you register for the ICB exams you will need to complete a portfolio of evidence. All tests and assignments that you complete through your course will go into this portfolio. Once you do your final exam assessment, you need to be able to hand in this portfolio. The ICB will send you this portfolio directly. It will also contain the Administration Book, which gives you instructions on how you to complete your portfolio of evidence. This is very important and should be read through well. Consider it your guide to getting your ICB qualification.

Mark Allocation and Objectives

30% of your final mark is determined by your assessments you do throughout the course.
70% of your final mark comes from your final exam. You also need at least a mark of 50% in your final exam to pass.
You need a minimum of 60% as your final mark to pass your course’s, module.

Qualification Documentation

You will get your certificate for your qualification after you achieve a final mark of 60%. We will post this to you.


Your results for assessments and exams will be emailed to you, or can be downloaded from the ICB.

Final Exams

There are four final ICB exams that are held throughout ICB approved locations throughout exams. If you didn’t have the chance to register for the exams in August there is another set of exams that will be taking place in November. This will be the last set of ICB exams in 2016.

Registration Closes: 16 September 2016

Skills Academy will help you with your registration process to write your ICB exams, but you need to sign up with Skills Academy by the 11th of September, to make sure we have time to get your registration sorted.

Portfolios and Exam Papers are sent to ICB: 18 November 2016

Results Released By: 13th of Jan 2017

ICB Final Exam Time Table

November 2016

Time Monday 14 November Tuesday 15 November Wednesday 16 November Thursday 17 November
9am Bookkeeping to trial balance (BKTB) Payroll and Monthly SARS Returns (JBPR) Business Literacy (BUSL) Computerised Bookkeeping (JBCB)
Human Resources Management and Labour Relations (OAHR) Business and Office Administration 3 (OAB3) Corporate Strategy (FACS) Management Accounting Control Systems (FAMC)
Business and Office Administration 1 (OAB1) Financial Reporting and Regulatory Framework (FRRF) Bookkeeping (OABK) Office and Legal Practice (OLPR)
Technical Public Accounting (TPAC) Business Management 1 (BMT1) Management (MGMT) Research Theory and Practice. (RTAP)
Entrepreneurship 2 (ENT2) Business Management (BMT2)
1pm Financial Statements (FNST) Cost and Management Accounting (CMGT) Income Tax Returns (TFIT) Business Law and Accounting Control (TFBL)
Marketing Management and Public Relations (OAMM) Business and Office Administration 2 (OAB2) Economics (OAEC) Business Law and Accounting Control (OABL)
Public Accounting Administration (PAAD) Entrepreneurship 3(ENT3) FinancialManagement and Control (FMCL)
Business Management 3 (BMT3) Entrepeneurship 1 (ENT1)


NOTE: You will not be writing all these exams. You will only be writing those that correspond with your course.

Last updated: October 24th 2016

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