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Together We Pass: why is it called that? together we pass

The name Together We Pass describes the idea that with social learning, if you study together, everyone can pass. The power of the group in learning is an amazing thing.  Study together, excel together.

What does Together We Pass do?

Together We Pass helps home study students pass.  They do this using social learning, and essentially students can get help, resources and motivation from each other and our lectures to ensure they  pass their chose qualification.

Together We Pass has been offering online study groups since 2008. At first via email only, however over time so many students started to use the service that the business needed to develop a site to automate and enhance the process.

Together We Pass uses the power of social learning to help trainees get understand their courses, and get ready for the tests and exams. Learners can discuss their coursework in the forums, compare MCQ assignments (cheat free) and share their study resources such as notes, past papers and exam packs. They also get updates from the system when a brand-new message is published and can (like Facebook) develop an individualized profile, friend people and send out private messages.

Why is Social Learning so important?

Social learning is the learning we do with our peers, also known as peer learning. It is students coming together and share their thoughts and ideas. Learners can discuss ideas and provide their point of view on relevant topics.

Bear in mind that one of the greatest kinds of learning is teaching somebody else a principle. Not only does it make you think clearly about the issue you want to explain, but the discussing keeps the knowledge in your head longer so that you can easily remember it in a project, test or examination.

together we passSocial learning is considered an incredibly favorable way to learn and universities all over the world encourage their students to spend time learning together. For each 5 trainees that are studying together, you get 5 various viewpoints, which will significantly increase your understanding and thinking about any subject. Group learning means you take advantage of the knowledge and perspective and can considerably increase each person’s learning.

Together We Pass Study Groups

Together We Pass brings students together online so that they can easily meet with students from around the world studying the same subject as them.

Together We Pass has been described as Facebook for Students.  And we are, except that we have loads of extra features that are just for home study students.  Like the cheat free assignment comparison tool.  Or the resource library where students have been sharing their private study resources for the past 9 years.

Students can also share concepts and ideas that would be too challenging for an individual to tackle on their own. When one student discusses a concept with someone else, he enhances the idea for himself. If the learner had actually been studying alone, he may not have thought about the gaps in his knowledge. A study group is advantageous intellectually however also emotionally, as learners encourage each other to study.

Together We Pass Website

The Together We Pass website is where the study groups occur. It not only offers you info on how the study groups work, but you can buy the study group in the online shop, and you log into the site to utilize your study groups as soon as you have signed up with.

Together We Pass also prides itself on supplying beneficial info for home study trainees, and you can find unlimited guides and free materials that helps you to do better in your studies, whether you are with UNISA, Skills Academy or other institution.

Together We Pass Forums

Together We Pass forums permit learners to come together online to obtain the benefit of social learning without needing to settle on a time or a place that matches all people interested in benefiting. As the group is online based, everyone can take part on their own time and from any area they want.

Even on their phone – so anywhere is possible!

The forums enable students to open discussions on any pertinent subject. This can be on a specific subject or perhaps on a specific project question. This can be reached a more complicated subject to keep everyone encouraged in their studies.

Remember that with Together We Pass the Premium Study Groups are facilitated by the lecturer. This indicates that they create topics for students to discuss about sections of the course and notes are posted every week to show trainees exactly what they must currently be studying. They can also help when students are having a hard time and lead a conversation on a challenging subject so that all learners benefit and learn together.

Together We Pass Multiple Choice Assignment Comparison

One if the crucial concerns dealing with distance learning learners is that they have no one to talk with to take them through their project prior to submitting it for marking. This can feel really scary, as you have no idea if you are on the correct track.

To help with this Together We Pass designed and built an app that helps trainees compare assignments where there is no chance for any student to cheat. Together We Pass has actually been really clear that we do not condone plagiarism and will not provide the answers or allow trainees to share their answers with each other.

Instead, answers are put into the app and it shows you in a percentage format how many students agreed with your answer. If you see that no one is agreeing with your answer you can then pick the “Discuss” button and a subject is developed in the online forum on that concern, so that all trainees can talk about how they reached their answer.

Once again this is to increase every student’s knowledge of the coursework.

This function has actually been a big success with learners and is one of the essential factors as to why students join Together We Pass again and again and again.

Together We Pass Resource Library

The Together We Pass resource library has long provided contention. It is the biggest library of resources readily available to UNISA learners, anywhere.

Learners have been sharing notes, past papers, past projects and a lot more with each other since 2008. Over time this built into such a mass of information that it, once again, ended up being a big draw for students. Together We Pass has been clear that they are not offering resources– it is a sharing platform that works as support to trainees, to utilize to help each other study.

However, UNISA was not pleased with the sharing of past documents and tutorial letters developed by their institution. In 2016 Together We Pass withdrew all previous documents and tutorial letters from the site.

All is not lost however. You are able to get an examination pack to assist you study for examinations, which will assist you prepare for your last exam.

Which students do Together We Pass support?

Together We Pass used to only help students that studied at UNISA.  Together We Pass has no license from UNISA to help students – rather they are a private institution that give extra tutoring and assistance to students already signed up to UNISA.

However, now Together We Pass has become more established and is offering study groups for many different students, and is licensed to several private colleges for use with their own students.

The Learning Group

The learning group was established in 1984, and has a wealth of experience in offering home study creative courses.

Although their history is predominantly in non accredited creative courses such as photography and wedding planning, they have now been accredited by the Institute of Chartered Bookkeepers to offer ICB courses as well.

The Learning Group offers a high contact, intensive support product offering.

Skills Academy

Skills Academy is a Distance Learning institution that enables learners to study at their own pace. Learners who are studying from home or while they are working advantage one of the most. While you work, this is a budget friendly way to upgrade your CV.

Skills Academy has more than 5,000 students currently registered on Together We Pass for study groups. These study groups are facilitated by lecturers from Skills Academy and the students receive active help daily.

These courses develop skills needed to increase employability, and the aim of Skills Academy is to ensure that every one of their graduates are able to get a job, or a promotion.

Skills Academy provides a variety of courses in various fields of study consisting of:.

Skills Academy prides themselves on excellent customer service, and innovation in ensuring higher success rates in their students.

If you are worried about passing Skills Academy is the right college for you as they will give you that extra helping hand to help you pass and get qualified.

Décor School

The Décor School is a partner institute of The Learning Group and focuses exclusively on interior décor and interior design. Specialising in creative studies since 1984, The Décor School sets itself apart from other Distance Learning Colleges by offering its students a range of unique advantages.

The Décor School caters to the requirements of the beginner and the more skilled interior designer who wishes to learn more about the art, and wishes to better their skills. They happily offer a series of premium Interior Decorating and Design Courses, developed to deal with all levels of experience.

The Décor School is for you if you are searching for Interior Decorating and Design Courses that cover the current trends in the style industry. You also get a much better understanding into the variety involved in this procedure.

TWP Academy

Established from Together We Pass in 2015, TWP Academy focuses particularly on accounting, but also on other business courses. They have a variety of bookkeeping, financial management and entrepreneurial qualifications readily available for you to pick from. This will permit you to begin your profession in the business environment.

TWP Academy focuses on using high quality Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) courses. This implies that our ICB qualifications are all certified and if you study through to the end you can get a National Diploma. The ICBA is a professional body linked to the ICB and you can end up being a member through your studies at the ICB. The ICB is a professional bookkeeping body that accredits private colleges to use high quality Bookkeeping and Accounting courses. They were a QAP for FASSET, and have recently moved over to be a QAP for the QCTO.

The ICB courses are focussed on these 5 streams:

You can become an official member of the ICB if you finish your studies through the ICB and TWP Academy. You will also have a certified certification with your certificate awarded by FASSET.

Home Study College

Home Study College is committed to providing their students high quality, distance learning education. Home Study College has a series of bookkeeping, financial management, creative and computer-related fields readily available to trainees. Along with entrepreneurial qualifications that will offer trainees the start their profession they need, in the very best possible way.

Their primary objective is to better and simplify access to education. It is their aim to ensure that all of their learners are offered the scholastic assistance that he or she needs to succeed. Everything they do at Home Study College is based on their belief that everyone deserves to study.

You can improve your abilities, work much better, faster and become more effective. These courses are created with you in mind:

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you can reach Home Study College by phone or via email.

Together We Pass Study Groups for Matric Students

Together We Pass also supports matric students.

In the matric study groups subject specialists work with students to help facilitate a vibrant and helpful study group. These allow students to further explore topics studied in school, which allows deeper understanding, and a better chance of remembering the content in the final exams.

There are also additional resources such as past papers for students to use to help test whether or not they are prepared for the final exam.

Together We Pass Study Groups for UNISA students

This is Together  We Pass’s most long standing offering, and they have been helping UNISA students pass since 2008.

There are wide variety of resources, tips and tools to help UNISA students thrive.  If you are studying with UNISA then you should most definitely be using the Together We Pass UNISA study groups!

Together We Pass Study Group for ICB Students

Together We Pass also supports all students that study with the ICB.

We have study groups for most subjects, where a subject expert posts at least twice a week, and answers questions daily.

If you need extra help to pass then join the ICB study groups.

Together We Pass Fees

Together We Pass has a number of different types of study groups, in different prices ranges.  Below are the fees associated with the different study groups Together We Pass offers.

ICB Study Groups – R400

Together We Pass wants to make sure that students stand out at ICB courses. We have actually now compiled a selection of the most appropriate details for learners. You will have access to information concerning your examinations, assessments, the student portal and registration among others.

Matric Students Study Groups – R400

The Together We Pass Matric study groups are managed by subject professionals. Students have access to previous papers and notes to download in the resource library. An educator is also available to facilitate any discussions in addition to answer students’ questions in the online forums.

UNISA students Premium Study Group – R600

These groups have a lecturer handling the study group, who is certified in the field of study. They post in the group, supply study notes, exam packs and they help with inquiries. They also do all the assignments. This permits the lecturers to compare answers and effectively help and guide our students.

UNISA Students Gold Study Group – R300

These groups have no lecturer, however you get your help from and compare projects with the other learners taking that subject too. There are also study notes and a test pack.

UNISA Students Free Study Group – R0

These groups enable you to obtain help from and compare tasks with the other students. There are often a couple of resources, but these are simply exactly what has actually been shared by trainees in the past – we can not ensure quality as we did not produce them ourselves. Primarily the group is for comparing assignments and talking about hard subjects amongst one another.

Together We Pass Contact Information

Support: 021 838 8251


Facebook: Together We Pass on Facebook

Twitter: @TogetherWePass

Together We Pass Partner Contact Information

Skills Academy

Registrations and Enquiries:

Toll Free Number: 0800 39 00 27

Support Phone number: 021 8388250


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